There is something about that spacious, brightly lit studio at Tripunithura that simply makes you want to bake. This studio is where SWATHY PRATHAP, OWNER and PATTISSIER, AME whips up some edible French romance! Hailing from a family of talented cooks, the love for good food was deep rooted, however, being as unique as the pastries she now bakes, Swathy ventured into the world of baking.

Post her PG in Public Relations from Chennai, Swathy delved into the art of French pastry at the celebrated Cordon Bleu, Paris, under the tutelage of Pierre Herme, a renowned pastry chef. “Paris was great! It is a city of inspiration. I was thrilled to study at Le Cordon Bleu! Just imagine studying in the same prestigious institute as Julia Child! It was an amazing 9 months!”


Swathy’s enthusiasm was infectious as she recounted the very first cake she baked as a child. “It was a chocolate cake. I used to bake along with my aunt at my dad’s place. I really got into French pastry while I was studying in Chennai. I loved how unique French desserts were; the intricate nature of the techniques applied appealed to me quite a bit!”

Back in Cochin, Swathy launched her brand of signature French pastries; with an equally delightful name AME (pronounced AM) which means SOUL. “I personally feel that when you bake something, you pour so much of your soul into it. There is so much pleasure in making beautiful and delicious delights that every loves to dig into!” The second edition of On Fleak acted as the launch pad for Ame and the response Swathy received was mind blowing! She had a selection of Entremets (A layered French dessert with different textures and flavours), macarons and madelines; all of which sold out like, well, literally hot cakes! She receives high praises and a large number of orders for her exquisite CHOCOLATE and RED VELVET ENTREMET which I was very lucky to sample. With layers of delicate and airy chocolate mousse, red velvet cake and lovely chocolate crunch, all coated in a mirror sheen glaze, every spoonful was thoroughly enjoyed! I was also presented a citrusy PASSION FRUIT and RASPBERRY ENTREMET that was delectably sweet whilst being tongue tingling tart at the same time!


Swathy did face a little bit of anxiety as she entered the Cochin market with Ame. “Cochin is a developing market for French pastry. It is however, very encouraging to note that the market is indeed growing and people are more open to try out unique cuisine and flavours. Even when it comes to availability of premium ingredients for baking. I remember how I had to travel all the way Mumbai to pick up good quality chocolate and now, it is possible to source it here in Cochin. I do import a lot of my ingredients even now. For me quality is everything and I want to ensure that every dessert I serve is consistent in that regard.”

Speaking about a competitive market she has ventured into, Swathy spoke with complete confidence. She agreed that there were several talented bakers present in the city and each of them have created their own alcove in the baking society; however, she is absolutely confident about her skills as a pastry chef and that is key to a successful venture.


“Orders for Entremets need to reach me atleast 3 days in advance. The thing with entremets is that each layer is individually prepared and then assembled and that takes a lot of time and effort. Be it the mousses, the sponges and the glaze, all layers are prepared separately and they all have their own unique techniques of preparation. Would you believe, an entremet takes about 20 hours to set properly? I will be purchasing a blast freezer soon and this would bring down the setting from 20 to about 2 hours.”

The future seems quite thrilling for Swathy. She was always fond of putting up a small sit down café that serves only French pastries. “I would love for people to try a variety of unique desserts; I love to make flavours that I enjoy eating myself. I am such a big fan of citrus flavours and puff pastry. I can’t wait to start introducing the goodies I have up my sleeve! Palmiers, Paris brests…there are so many!”


All the best Swathy! Thank you for bringing a little piece of Paris to Cochin.

Price Range: (Entremets- Rs.3000 onwards, Macarons: Rs. 60 onwards (per piece))

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To place orders, please call: +919567266393


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