Baking things the JEEMOL way!

The woman behind Eva’s Healthy Bakes
I met Jeemol Koruth Varghese, OWNER AND BAKER at EVA’S HEALTHY BAKES at the On FleaK hosted at the Gymkana Club. Surrounded by mountains of delicious baked delights, this chirpy baker was all about “big things come in small packages!”
The class all set to bake
A conversation ensued, a goodie box of lip smacking baked sweet and savories sent in for a review and I decided that Letsstalkfood simply had to be present at Jeemol’s next baking class!
Delicious, Cheesy pizza
Last Sunday found me outside KK arcade (diagonally opposite Radisson Blu) doubtful of my sense of direction when the smell of rich, buttery garlic rolls beckoned me in! A few floors up, I saw on display freshly bakes pizzas, olive and tomato studded focaccia and golden loaves of bread. I also saw Jeemol surrounded by a dozen students ardently explaining baking with a passion that was contagious.
Golden Loaves ready to go under the knife
 A warm smile and hug later, I sat in rapt attention as I was given a crash course in baking. Other than the focaccia, milk and wheat loaves and pizzes, the other recipes that were being taught were garlic rolls, cinnamon rolls, masala buns and Dil Kush.
Jeemol addresses the class
A proud mother to three little darlings, Jeemol says that her children love bread. She has inclined her recipes towards healthier versions and the multigrain added into her muffins, brownies and pies don’t stop her children from gobbling up the freshly baked goodies right as they come out of the oven!
I have a terrible weakness for olive and tomato focaccia
“Baking is love made visible” says Jeemol and we all smile. “Baking is an art that requires all our senses. It is a process that is absolutely rewarding. I love making bread for my family. There is such joy in seeing the smiles on their faces.”
Oh so soft loves of wheat bread
Jeemol takes the class through various aspects of baking, from kneading the dough just right and the kind of fillings to put in to different baking temperatures and storage. It’s amazing how so much knowledge is packed into one tiny, energetic person!
Unearthing baked treasure
Though I just pottered around helping with the dishes and didn’t really get my hands around the dough, there was a palpable sense happiness as the class shaped and stretched their balls of dough. Their happy squeals when the milk bread was cut into perfect, delicious slices was one of the highlights of my review!
Picture perfect slices
Jeemol, proved an excellent mentor, helping whenever necessary but mostly giving free reign as she believes that each person has his/her own style of baking. Once the basics of baking are down pat, individual styles can be nurtured along with recipes so that something new and even more delicious could be created out of the ever versatile dough!
The primordial dough from which all baked goods evolve
“I am emotional when it comes to bread. To me, bread is an absolute passion. Bread making is a constant learning and you must have a connection with your dough; then all falls into place. You learn only the method from this baking class but the art of baking with passion you learn all your own!”
Cinnamon raisin rolls all set for the oven

You said it Jeemol! Bake on!
The makings of butter garlic rolls

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Get set, bake!
Coconut, cherries and spice mix to be stuffed into the dough for Dil Kush
Here we go!
Let’s get rolling!
X marks the spot
A Christmas style braided wreath heading towards the oven

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