Biscuit Pudding

*Disclaimer- this dessert is as rich as can be! Do not blame me for the extra kilos piled on instantly!


Come the festive season, dessert lovers are always on the look out for recipes that will ring in the new year with the decadence it deserves! Before you make that new year resolution to join the gym and lose 10 pounds, pig out this delicious biscuit pudding and give yourself a happy high! New Year dessert sorted!



Eggs (Yolk and white separated)- 500 gms

Butter (cut into cubes and softened)- 500 gms

Sugar (For the egg cream mixture)- 500 gms

Sugar (To caramalize the pineapple)

Pineapple (chopped)- 1

Marie Biscuits- 1 large packet

Warm milk (unsweetened- to soak the biscuits)

Preparing the egg cream

  • In a food processor powder the sugar thoroughly until you get a fine snow like consistency.
  • Add the cubes of softened butter
  • Add only the egg yolks
  • Beat the mixture until smooth and creamy
  • Your egg mixture is ready. Keep aside

Preparing the pineapple

  • In a saucepan, add the chopped pineapple. Make sure that the heat is kept on low to medium
  • Add enough sugar to ensure that the fruit is caramalized
  • Keep stirring until you see the fruit wilting and a gorgeous amber sheen is achieved
  • Remove from heat immediately and keep aside



Preparing the layers

  • In a deep dish (preferably square shaped) spread a layer of the egg cream
  • Dip the Marie biscuits one by one in the warm milk. Make sure the biscuit does not become soggy. The crispy bite of the biscuit adds a lovely textural element to the dish
  • Spread a layer of cream atop the soaked biscuits
  • Strew some caramalized pineapple over the cream
  • Add a second layer of milk soaked biscuits
  • Follow with cream
  • Add pineapple
  • Repeat the layers as desired until the final layer is of biscuits and a thin layer of egg cream
  • Using an egg beater, beat the whites until frothy
  • Decorate the pudding with the last chunks of pineapple and dot with snow white egg whites

Serving suggestion

  • Chill in the fridge for up to one hour or until the layers have set
  • Serve with warm custard or vanilla ice cream


  • Recipe Courtesy: Jaya Aunty






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