Food pronunciations made easy:Part 3

We have arrived at the third and final instalment of food pronunciations made easy. It was exceptionally difficult putting together all three lists because heaven help me there are a sea of food words out there that are aching to be spelt correctly. Getting to know a dish and taking the effort to spell the dish correctly shows that you have respect for what you eat. So read up and clear the pronunciation air with food!

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Carpaccio is a dish of raw meat or fish such as beef, veal, venison, salmon or tuna, thinly sliced or pounded thin and served mainly as an appetizer. The beef is served with lemon, olive oil and white truffle or parmesan cheese. The term is extended to dishes containing other raw meats or fish, thinly sliced and served with lemon or vinegar, olive oil, salt and ground pepper. (Source:Wiki)

How is it pronounced?




Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in the pacific coastal regions of Latin America. It is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chilli peppers. Additional seasonings such as chopped onions, salt and cilantro may also be added. Ceviche is usually accompanies by side dishes that compliment its flavour such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado or plantain. As the dish is not cooked over heat, it must be prepared and consumed fresh to minimize risk of food poisoning. (Source:Wiki)

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Chorizo is a type of pork sausage that uses natural casings made from intestines.  In Europe, It is a fermented, cured and smoke sausage which may be sliced and eaten without cooking or used as an ingredient to add flavour to other dishes. Spanish and Portuguese chorizo get their distinctive smokiness and deep red colour from dried, smoked red peppers.

Chorizo can be eaten in a sandwich, grilled, fried or simmered in liquid. It is also sometimes sliced and used as a pizza topping in a similar manner to salami and pepperoni. (Source:Wiki)

How is it pronounced?


Rustic Chorizo Sausage


Clafoutis is a baked French dessert of fruit, traditionally black cherries arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan like batter. The clafoutis is dusted with powdered sugar and served lukewarm, sometimes with cream.  (Source:Wiki)

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A compote is a dessert originating from medieval Europe, made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. Whole fruits are cooked in water with sugar and spices. The syrup may be seasoned with vanilla, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ground almonds, grated coconut, candied fruits or raisins. The compote is served either warm or cold. (Source:Wiki)

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Coq au vin is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons, mushrooms and optionally garlic. A red burgundy wine is typically used for braising, lardons, button mushrooms, oions, often garlic and sometimes brandy are added. The preparation is similar in many respects to beef bourguignon. The chicken is seasoned, sometimes floured, seasoned in fat and slowly simmered in wine until tender. A bouquet garni with thyme, parsley and bayleaf is added along with salt and pepper. The juices are thickened by adding roux. (Source:Wiki)

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Escargot is a delicacy consisting of cooked land snails.

The snails, purged from their shells are cooked usually with garlic butter, chicken stock or wine and then placed back into the shells with the butter and sauce for serving. Additional ingredients such as garlic, thyme, parsley and pine nuts may be added. Special snail tongs for holding the shell and snail forks for extracting the meat are normally provided.  (Source: Wiki)

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Habanero is a variety of chilli pepper. Unripe habaneros are green but they colour as they mature. The most common colour variants are orange and red but the fruit may also be white, brown, yellow or purple. These chillis are very hot and rated 100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale. The habaneros heat, flavour and floral aroma have made it a popular ingredient in hot sauces and spicy foods. (Source:Wiki)

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Hors d’oeuvre is a small appetizer or starter served before a meal. Some hors d’oeuvres are served cold, others hot. Hors d’oeuvres may be served at the dinner table as part o the meal or may be served before seating. Typically, it is smaller than the main dish and often designed to be eaten by hand with minimal use of cutlery.  (Source:Wiki)

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Osso buco is a Milanese (Italian cookery) speciality of cross cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. It is often garnished with gremolata (a chopped herb condiment classically made of lemon zest, garlic, parsley and anchovy and traditionally served with risotto or polenta depending on regional variation.

The dish’s primary ingredient, veal shank is common, relatively cheap and flavourful. Although tough, braising makes it tender. (Source:Wiki)

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default_91434937c839d76095c515e810eb4822_beef osso bucco dreamstime_s_101712764


Petit four is a small bite sized confectionary or savoury appetizer. The name is French, petit four meaning ‘small oven’.

Petit Four comes in three varieties:

-Glace or glazed- Tiny decorated cakes covered in fondant or icing such as small éclairs and tarlets.

-Sale or sated- Savoury bite sized appetizers usually served at cocktail parties of buffets

-Sec or dry- Dainty biscuits, baked meringues, macarons and puff pastries.  (Source:Wiki)

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Quesadilla is a tortilla, made with either corn or flour is filled with cheese, a savoury mix of spices, vegetables and meats and then grille. A full quesadilla involves two tortillas filled with cheese and stacked on top of each other. Halves are a single tortilla filled with cheese and folded into a half moon shape. (Source:Wiki)

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A ragout is a highly seasoned dish of small pieces of meat stewed with vegetables. The basic method of preparation involved slow cooking over a low heat. Ragout may be prepared with or without meat and a wide variety of vegetables may be incorporated. (Source:Wiki)

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54) SAKE

Sake is also referred to as Japanese rice wine. It is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. Unlike wine in which alcohol is produced by fermenting sugar naturally present in fruits, sake is produced by a brewing process akin to that of beer where starch is converted into sugars that ferments into alcohol. (Source:Wiki)

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Sichuan or Szechwan is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from the Sichuan province in South Western China. It has bold flavours, particularly, the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic, chilli peppers and Sichuan pepper. There are four sub styles of Sichuan cuisine: Chongqing, Chengdu, Zigong and Buddhist vegetarian style.

More Sichuan dishes are spicy although a typical meal includes non-spicy dishes to cool the palate. Sichuan cuisine is composed of seven basic flavours. Sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic and salty.

Foods preserved through pickling, salting and drying are a part of this cuisine. Preserved dishes are generally served as spicy dishes with heavy application of chilli oil. The most unique and important spice in Sichuan cuisine is the Sichuan pepper. It has an intense fragrance, citrus like flavour and produced a tingly-numbing sensation in the mouth. Common preparation techniques include stir fry, steaming and braising. (Source:Wiki)

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Tagliatelle is a traditional type of egg pasta where individual pieces are long, flat ribbons. They are served with a variety of sauces though the classic is a meat sauce.

The texture of this pasta is porous and rough, making it ideal for thick sauces, generally made with beef, veal or pork and occasionally rabbit. It is also served with sauces that are not as rich, such as, eggs and cheese, breadcrumbs and pine nuts or simply tomato and basil. (Source: Wiki)

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Dairy Feature


Pinot Noir is a red wine grape variety. This name may also refer t to wines created predominantly from pinot noir grapes. These grapes are grown around the world, mostly in cooler clients and it chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France. Pinot Noir is a difficult variety to cultivate and transform into wine. The grape’s tendency to produce tightly packed clusters makes it susceptible to several viticultural (science, production and study of grapes) hazards involving rot. While young wines made from pinot noir tend to have red fruit aromas of cherries, raspberries and strawberries, aged wines develop more vegetal and barnyard aromas that can contribute to the complexity of the wine.  (Source:Wiki)

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A mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime juice, soda water and mint. Its combination of sweetness, citrus and mint flavours is intended to complement the rum and has made the mojito popular summer drink. The cocktail has relatively low alcohol content.

When preparing mojito, lime juice is added to sugar and mint leaves. The mixture is then gently mashed with a muddler. The mint leaves should only be bruised to release the essential oils and should not be shredded. Rum is added and the mixed is briefly stirred to dissolve the sugar and lift the mint leaves up from the bottom for better presentation. Finally, the drink is topped with crushed ice and sparkling soda water. Mint leaves and lime wedges are used to garnish the glass. (Source:Wiki)

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Maraschino cherry is a preserved, sweetened cherry, typically made from light coloured sweet cherries. They are used in many cocktails giving them the nickname cocktail cherries. (Source:Wiki)

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Guacamole is an avocado based dip made by mashing ripe avocados and sea salt. Some recipes call for tomato, onion, garlic, lemon or lime juice, chilli or cayenne pepper and cilantro.

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