Noodles with prawn, egg and veges

I love chinese food! Just bring me a big bowl of noodles and some honey glazed chicken and you’ll have me grinning like an idiot!
And do you know when i love me some Chinese food? This is going to sound totally weird but Chinese food tastes best in the morning! So when my aunt whipped up a huge pot this mixed medley of yumminess for breakfast, i just had to give it due place in my blog!


– Dried noodles: 2 packets
– Mixed juliened vegetables (carrots, capsicum, beans, cabbage, and  spring onion): 3 cups
– Prawns (medium size: cooked): 1 cup
– Eggs scrambled: 4 nos
-Minced ginger: 1 tsp
– Minced garlic: 1 tsp
– Green chilli sauce
– Soy sauce
– Tomato ketchup
(You may add sauces as per your taste)
– Sesame oil: 1 tbsp
– Freshly cracked black pepper
– Salt
– Spring Onions (chopped): for the final garnish


– Cook the noodles as per the instructions on the packet.

– Heat the sesame oil, add the ginger and garlic. Saute until they turn fragrant and light brown in colour.

– Add the vegetables and turn up the heat

– Stir-fry continuously until they start to soften. Reduce heat and cook further until the vegetables are softer but still remain crunchy and retain their colour

– Add the chilli sauce, ketchup, and soy sauce. Saute for a few more minutes

– Add the noodles, prawn and eggs and toss well to coat completely. Top off with pepper powder and some salt if required.

7. Garnish with spring onions.

This dish is best enjoyed as it is without any sides. It packs a great punch and a good lunch box too! 

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