The idea took root whilst on travel and blossomed into a thriving business in a short span of time. Casaro Creamery is without a doubt, proof that the brightest of ideas are founded when one least expects it.

Founders and cousins, Anu Jose Palathingal and Freddy George have enjoyed widespread success with their ever expanding range of handmade cheeses and cheese based products.

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“I had visited two cheese farms and took part in a few workshops while on a road trip to the US. Upon returning to India in 2016, I realized that getting good quality cheeses in Kerala was not easy” says Anu

Thus began the research and experimentation phases that provided a solid background for the Kattoor based brand. The cheeses and cheese based dishes were initially served to friends and family; their mascarpone attainted a unanimous nod and the first page in Casaro Creamery’s business.

Freshly made Ricotta cheese

With locally sourced milk as the raw material, production begins at 8:00 am every day. The cheesemaking process in its entirety is manual with a conversion capacity of 100 litres of milk.

Currently, production is concentrated on the making of fresh cheeses- halloumi, feta, ricotta, mozzarella, bocconcini, mascarpone, cream cheese and sour cream. Equally famous are their cheese based snacks- halloumi fries, ricotta spinach samosa, halloumi barbecue skewers and pickled feta. Work on hard cheeses have already begun and plans are taking shape for launch in about 3 months’ time.


“Every cheese is identified by its texture, flavour and aroma. The flavour of cheese is greatly influenced by the type of milk used, the breed of animal it is attained from and the region where the animal was bred.” Shares Anu

“Fresh cheeses are best consumed on the same day as production. It has a slightly milky flavour. Hard cheese flavours range from mild to sharp and nutty with a much longer shelf life.”

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Feta salad with pickled onions, carrot, raisins and beetroot raita PC: Letsstalkfood

While cheeses taste pretty delicious on their own, they combine beautifully with a variety of foods to present a wholesome flavour palette that is addictive.

Anu and Freddy suggest pairing their fresh ricotta with sweet maple syrup on pancakes or in a rustic dessert. Mozzarella and olive oil is a classic combination. It goes great in salads, sandwiches or as a highlight in an entrée. Perfect for grilling, their halloumi tastes great with a sprinkling of ground pepper, some chopped mint and a drizzle of olive oil.

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Herbed cheese fettucine with shrimp, bacon and mushrooms. PC: Letsstalkfood

Cheese behaves as a great ingredient when stored and handled appropriately. Chucking it into the freezer is a definite out of the question. “Fresh cheese is best stored in an airtight container and placed in the vegetable crisper where the temperature is cool and stable” says Freddy. “We believe in fresh cheeses, made from farm fresh milk, minus any preservatives. We have home deliveries to Kochi and Thrissur every Thursday and Friday.”

With a rising number of customer base, Casaro Creamery aims at supplying organic cheeses across India. Anu and Freddy also plan to have a host of events to raise awareness on cheese varieties.

Biriyani crusted halloumi with fried coriander and pomegrante raita. PC: Letsstalkfood

You can place your orders through the following channels:

Instagram: Casaro Creamery Insta

Facebook: Casaro creamery FB

Phone: 9645522242.





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