Sun Dried Prawn Chammanthi

This dish has it’s roots right back to my mum’s childhood! Back then, this delicious chammanthi had everyone begging for triple of helpings of rice gruel! Come to think of it, the scene is no different even now! Made in advance and kept at the ready in an airtight container, it is the perfect “tide-me-over” for days when the kitchen seems like a mountain impossible to conquer!


– Small sun dried prawns: 500gms  (Tip: it is best to dry the prawns on your own terrace for the sake of hygiene. Buy tiny prawns from the market, wash them well and dry them fully intact on a straw mat, under a boiling sun until completely dried)
– Dessicated coconut (Tip: give the dessicated coconut a spin in the processor to attain an even consistency): 1 small
– Shallots: 1 handful
– Garlic: 1 bulb
– Curry Leaves: 3-4 stalks
– Ginger (shaved into ribbons): 1.5 inches
– Chilli Powder: 1 tbsp
– Seedless tamarind: as per preference
– Coconut oil: to sautee
– Salt: as per taste


– In a wok, add the dried prawns and dry fry. Remove and keep aside

– Add the dessicated coconut, garlic, shallots, curry leaves and ginger into wok and dry fry until it reaches a light brown colour.

– Add some coconut oil and fry again until dry brown

– Switch off the stove and add chilli powder and mix well to combine.

– Remove the mix from the wok and keep aside

– Pour in a little more oil and add the prawns. Fry until the prawns take on a reddish pink hue. (Tip: Do not fry for longer as the taste turns bitter)

– Add the coconut mix into the prawns

– Add salt as per taste

– Put this final mix into a processor in batches and blitz away.
(Tip: Lesser time in the processor means you get a texture with enough bite, in case you want a powdery texture, blitz it for an extra few minutes)

– Serve fresh with some rice gruel/ rice and pappadam. Enjoy! 

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