Custard Trifle Pudding

Do you have a big dinner party coming up? Is it your dearest ambition to bring out a dessert that will make your guests swoon? Well! Then stop what you’re doing and read through! Presenting the perfect dessert recipe to achieve the swooning goal! This fruit trifle is the way to go. Sweet without being overpoweringly so, this trifle boasts of cake, fruits, and a brandy laced jam! Aaah! Caught your attention have i? 😉


Sponge cake slab (fresh from the bakery)- regular size 1
Mixed fruit jam- 1 bottle
Brandy- 2 tbsp
Custard powder- 250 gms
Condensed milk- 1 tin
Sugar- as per need

Fruits (roughly chopped to medium sized pieces):
pineapple- 1
Orange- 4
Apple- 3
Green grapes- 1/4 kg
Bananas- 1/2 kg
Papaya (optional)- 1/2 kg

Cashew nuts- 100gms
Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
Hot water- 4 tins (same measure as the condensed milk tin)
Cherries- to garnish

Preparing the custard:

– Empty the tin of condensed milk into a pot and add 3 tins of water which is the same measure as the condensed milk tin. Mix well.
– Add in 4 tbsp custard powder to the 4th tin of water in a separate container, mix and keep aside.
– Add sugar as per requirement to the milk mixture.
– Put the milk mixuture on the stove and bring it to the boil. Once it starts boiling, add the custard powder mix with constant stirring so as to avoid lumping.

(Tip: in case if becomes lumpy, add a little milk to make it come to the required consistency)

– Add one tsp vanilla essence to this mix. Switch off the stove and leave to cool.

(Tip: make sure the custard is not runny. It should be thick enough to be dolloped over the fruits)

Preparing the cake layers:

– Slice the 2 cake slabs horizontally
– Mix jam and brandy together with 2 tbsps of hot water to make the jam loose.
(Tip: in case the jam has a semi- solid consistency, there is no need to add hot water)
– Spread the jam and brandy mix over the insides of the cake slices.

(Tip: Each layer should be 1″ in height. Cut into the cake into 3 slabs in case the height is above 1″)

Preparing the fruit mix:

– Chop and heat the pineapple in a pan. Strain out all the excess pineapple juice and keep aside.
(Tip: This is to prevent the sponge from becoming too wet and moist)
(Tip: to loosen the thick jam, 2 tbsp of this hot pineapple water can be substituted for 2 tbsp of water).

– Chop all the fruits roughly, add nuts and mix well
– Add 4 tbsp of sugar and juice of half a lime to prevent browning.

Preparing the trifle:

– In a deep rectangular tray, add a first thin layer of custard
– Follow up with a layer of cake
– Spread the fruits evenly atop the cake
– Spread a good layer of custard on the cake
– and so on until the final top layer is that of custard.
– Garnish with cherries and pieces of cashew and refrigerate until it is set well. Slice and serve with an extra smattering of nuts. Enjoy!

(Tip: for functions, it is best to prepare the trifle overnight and leave it in the fridge for a perfectly set)

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