I must confess that if i had a choice, i would have just soup all my life! I LOVE soup! It’s comforting, delicious, filling, warming and so dead versatile! The following recipe is a harmonious union of veges and chicken chunks in a warm stock base.

Seasoning is restricted to the bare minimum so as to entice the full and natural flavors of the chicken and veges into the limelight! Cosy up this monsoon season with a bowl of delicious warmth! I wouldn’t say no to some fresh rolls for a dunk and chomp delight!

This soup is so versatile it’s unbelievable! You can add in or remove as many veges as you like. You can also sub the chicken with boiled prawns, chunks of fish and squid complimented with a seafood stock to get a slurpalicious seafood soup!

For the soup, you will need:

Skinless chicken breast- from 1 chicken
Broccoli- 1/2 of a large sized floret
Carrot- 1 large
Butter beans- 100 gms
Capsicum- 1/2 of 1 large
Celery- 2 stalks with leaves
Spring onion- 1 bulb
Pasta- a handful (Tip: any pasta can be used in this soup. I lean strongly toward Spaghetti so a bunch of the same was used)
Pepper- to taste
Salt- to taste


Preparing the chicken:

– Cut the chicken breast into chunks, put into a pressure cooker, add 1 cup of water and salt and cook till the first whistle.
– Switch off the stove and allow the pressure to escape. Once all the pressure is let out, open and add 2 more cups of water (Tip: adding all the water in one go would dilute the flavors; hence adding cups a little apart helps the flavor perculate into the liquid)
– Keeping the pressure cooker open, bring the chicken pieces and stock to a boil and switch off stove
– Remove the chicken from the stock and slice lengthwise

Preparing the vegetables:

– Chop up the vegetables in a chunky manner and steam cook them
(Tip: cook the carrots and beans first as they take a bit more time to soften)
– Once the carrots and beans are par cooked, add the rest of the veges into the steamer

Preparing the pasta

– Prepare pasta as per instructions on the packet
(Tip: if you are using spaghetti, break the uncooked pasta into two before cooking. Makes easier eating and less slaps on the face from dripping pasta!)
– Drain the pasta and add into a deep cooking pot

Assembling the soup:

– Into the deep pot with pasta, add the chicken, the stock, veges, a little pepper, taste for salt.
(Tip: if there is not enough liquid base, just add a little warm water into the mix)
– Bring the soup to a boil and serve in bowls complete with spoons and forks handy (for the spaghetti!) Enjoy!

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