Easy Peasy Mango Pudding

Do you like mangoes? Do you like pudding? Then what are you waiting for? You need this easy peasy mango pudding in your life! It’s unbelievable how just a handful of ingredients can taste so fresh and yum! Serve it chilled with chopped up pieces of mango, some passion fruit preserve and just a smattering of chopped mint. When the sun comes shining down, scoop your own brand of sunshine out of a bowl and feast away!


Mango Pulp: of 2 large mangoes
Condensed milk: 1/2 tin

Set curd: 200ml
(Tip: incase there is water in the curd, hang it in a sieve or a muslin cloth)

Gelatin (optional): 1 tbsp
(Tip: if you want a properly set pudding, gelatin’s the way to go)

To garnish: 

Cut mangoes: 1 cup
(Tip: You can layer the bottom of the tray,  spread it on the top or serve it alongside the pudding)
Passion fruit preserve
Chopped mint

To prepare the pudding:

– Pour the mango pulp and condensed milk into a blender.
– Blend until smooth and well combined
– Fold in the curd into the mix (Tip: add gelatin if required)
– Pour into a tray and place it to set in a fridge.

(Tip: Serve chilled with the chopped up mangoes, passion fruit preserve (I used the PLANTERS TREASURE passion fruit preserve) and some chopped mint)

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