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In a cozy little Kadavanthra corner, there stands a teeny tiny space that serves out some of the best snack foods I have tasted in a while. SNACKO is rapidly gaining popularity and a host of loyal customers who swear by the goodies served.  TESSY JACOB, Owner is glad she ventured into the world of food. “I had plans to start a business for a very long time. There were many options, including a boutique; after several deliberations, I settled on opening a snack bar.”


The place Snacko calls home now used to host a sandwich shop; Tessy thought it best to stick to a concept that suited the space available. Infact it was the space itself that triggered the thought process of a snack bar. And boy has she done well! I have to say that every inch of that space is used to its best, the décor sleek and minimal with rustic touches here and there. Apart from the optimal space usage, another factor that caught my eye was the prices. The menu had a selection of burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes and other small bites that are exceptionally affordable.


When asked about the concept behind Snacko, Tessy had this to say “If you serve good food, it will click. The basic concept behind Snacko is to give good food at economical rates. We set up everything ourselves; the tables, benches are all hand done. We didn’t go in for a full scale advertising exercise especially keeping in mind the space available. We relied mainly on Word of Mouth and it has really helped us.”


The first reactions to Snacko have been quite favorable. They were flooded with good reviews and positive comments with many people giving their valuable inputs. Tessy adds that their customers always saw the good in them and for that she is thankful. Once again it is the price that managed to catch everyone’s eye with a major chunk of the orders coming in for burgers and sandwiches. “The food scene in Cochin is definitely changing! People are open to trying out different cuisines. There is a requirement of quick food options and this is the space snacko wishes to occupy.” The lack of space has been cleared up by take aways, door deliveries (upto 2kms) and serving food in cars; the absence of a wash is also being addressed shortly.


The menu for Snacko has been developed entirely by Tessy and her husband Rajiv. The recipe has been developed by the owners and then passed onto to the chefs. One can see Tessy busy with taking orders and serving the customers. With the lack of space hiring help is a bit of an issue, however the constant interaction with customers has helped Tessy gain a lot of insight and has helped her improve. “I believe in using the resources in hand to the maximum. Snacko does not have a USP per say but we serve good food at appreciable prices. As long as the place, the hygiene factor, the food and the location is all addressed, people will come.”


Tessy herself is an ardent foodie with some very special food vices “I love junk food! I eat a lot of cheese and butter; sometimes I scoop out butter from the packet and eat it as it is!”

The moment of truth arrived in the form of their CHEESY BEEF BURGER, MEATBALLS and an OREO SHAKE. I was blown away by the portions and the quality was beyond amazing! The beef burger was perfection. Soft, toasty buns, fresh veges, a glorious full meat patty and a delicious mustard mayo that tied up everything seamlessly. Mustard incidentally happens to be a favorite of Tessy and many of her dishes are dedicated to this condiment.


The meatballs were equally packed with flavorful, juicy beef served with a luscious ‘devil sauce’ where the afore said condiment wrecked delicious havoc. The savory yum was washed down with cold, thick and quite delightful Oreo Shake. I’ve had my share of Oreo shakes and this one takes top honours!


For an excellent place to chill with some close friends and enjoy some fantastic eats, Snacko is the way to go! Kudos Tessy!


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  1. Nice lil review of a nice lil place….Snacko is actually a phenomenal place and have had the chance only once to eat stuff from there, this beautifully captured review has ensured i will go there very soon 🙂

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