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Naadan cooking tools, an eternal love for food, gifted hands that cook up a storm and a mother in law-daughter in law jodi who has been hitting the food scene hard…this is what Thavi is all about.


Ammu varghese and her mother in law Gigi aunty started Thavi out of sheer passion for food and cooking. After spending more than 7 years in Dubai, Ammu, an MBA Graduate from Stella landed in Cochin with a thought. The thought revolved around starting something related to food. “I’ve always had a passion for food. I love exploring different cuisines and cooking as well.” says Ammu.  With a restaurant scene set in mind for the future, Ammu and Gigi aunty currently undertake small scale catering services for a maximum of 50 people.


“I’ve always believed that the best quality can be attained through small numbers. If you know how to cook, just do it” shares Gigi aunty, with a big smile that radiated warmth and confidence. Thavi as a business was like a leap of faith, without a market study or a competition review; the partners have no regrets and there has been no looking back. Taking root during the second edition of On Fleak (which was a ground breaking platform for them), Ammu admits that every day has been an integral learning experience. “Everyone was so encouraging when it came to Thavi. It feels amazing! Infact, i think we should have started before!” she laughs.


When it comes to the food churned out from Thavi, quality takes highest priority. In the spotlight is delicious, naadan food replete with the goodness of home cooking. In the epicentre is the kitchen located at Thodupuzha where all the dishes are prepared and then transported to Cochin as per order.

“We don’t use any preservatives” says Gigi aunty “We use only the purest of ingredients. In fact, the coconut oil that we use for cooking is made at home. We even use natural vinegar.” Their biggest forte is their hand pounded masala. All the raw materials are bought from organic vendors, cleaned, washed and dried from home and hand pounded to ensure the best mix. “We do most of the cooking ourselves and any help is constantly supervised. Thus hygiene and quality is always maintained.”


Perhaps the only obstacle they have faced is the transport as a majority of the orders come from Cochin. As the venture is now in a fledgling stage, the transport is handled by Ammu but as the business expands, changes will be made accordingly. Their regular party catering menu consists of: Welcome Drink, Starters, 2 Mains and Dessert and the rates start at Rs.400 per plate.


I was flooded with plate after plate of samples to try and lucky me, i got to try everything! My appetite was whetted with a tall glass of thick and pulpy grape juice which totally hit the spot!  I was served freshly fried meatballs, samosas and spring rolls; all of which tasted meaty and delicious. The meatballs were all meat with no necessary fillers in the mix. For the spring rolls, additives free veges and chicken were stuffed into wheat rolls. A variety of pickles such as Pork (of which i am a HUGE fan), beef and prawn were also served. Chewy idi irachi was another highlight, followed by home made banana chips. I of course saved the best for last; Caramelised pineapple preserves. It was dessert heaven! A huge, warm spoonful onto some vanilla ice cream and i bet you, you will reach for seconds! It was wonderful that i could taste all the individual flavours and was left with just a smile and no lingering aftertaste.


Kudos to the team and all the very best for your venture!

Place your orders at: +917510671955

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2 thoughts on “Thavi Naadan!”

  1. I got to taste Thavi Achars during the kochi fleak market and ever since that day I fell in love with the Achars. I have generally been someone who lives pickles and this was undoubtedly few of the best achars I have ever had in my life. I bought 2 bottles initially after which I realised I finished both in two days time. Sounds crazy but me and my mom could not stop licking our fingers and we kept adding them on to our plates during each meal and it never stopped. My favoutite Achar was the pork Achar and loved the others equally. So I decided to give some more orders for pickles to Ammu as I wanted to pass some to my other family members. They all loved it! Unlike other pickles this is not processed or doesn’t contain any preservatives so it feels like eating spicy curry. As they mentioned above all the ingredients used are made out of organic stuff and the taste itself is the guarantee for it. It tastes so homely, so fresh. Good job Thavi and I cannot wait to try out their other yummy stuff.

    Well done team Thavi!
    Sruthi Adith

    1. Thank you for the appreciation Sruthi! It is the constant support from wonderful foodies like you that keep us food bloggers and amazing food entrepreneurs like Ammu flying high!

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