The “Are you a PROPER foodie” QUIZ!

Many of us claim to be incurable food addicts. “Hey! I’m a foodie!” is the phrase on everyones lips nowadays and why not…we all love to eat, we all love to flaunt our food knowledge and equally admirable scarfing skills. BUT! How many of us are real dyed in the wool, hard core lovers of food?

Have you ever had doubts about your level of addiction? Let’s clear all doubts once and for all! Given below are 14 multiple choice questions that help you identify how proper a foodie you are! Grab a pen and paper and have a go!

1) When your friends or family go out for nosh, you:

a) Do not let them back in unless they have take away for you
b) Don’t worry too much about whether they would get you something
c) Don’t even realize they have left

2) The highest number of google searches on your computer/phone revolve around:

a) Food porn
b) News, fashion, gossip
c) Erm…porn?

3) You see a handsome guy/ gorgeous girl eating a perfectly medium rare steak with creamy mashed potatoes, unctuous gravy topping and a buttery mushroom duxelle. Do you:

a) Look straight at what they are eating, drool and order the same for yourself?
b) Look at both the eaten and the eatee
c) Gawp at the girl/girl shamelessly until they lose their appetite?

4) When you have chores to complete, do your parents bribe you with:

a) Food
b) Shopping
c) A nice whollop

5) When you go out, do you:

a) Always expect to eat out
b) Hardly expect to eat out
c) Never expect to eat out

6) When you order food for 2 people, do you end up ordering enough for:

a) The 2 adjoining tables
b) 2 People
C) 1/2 a person

7) Do you pepper your conversation (see what i did there? ;)) with food adjectives and puns?

– All the thyme
– Sometimes
– Never

8) Do you contantly look at opportunities to talk about food?

– Of course i do-ughnuts!
– Sometimes
– Never

9) If you had chance to meet Heston Blumenthal, would you:

a) Not sleep until D-day because of a serious case of adrenalin rush
b) Be happy
c) Stand the god of multisensory cooking up for free movie tickets

10) Can you eat anytime of day?

a) Cutlery at the ready! Bring it on!
b) Sometimes
c) Never

11) Before you eat, you simply have to, HAVE TO click a picture for your instagram:

a) #ohyeah! #foodporn #foodie #breakfast #lunch #dinner
b) Sometimes
c) Never

12) Have you ever felt like a failure if you missed one episode of Masterchef

a) I don’t deserve to live!
b) I watch the rerun
c) What’s Masterchef Australia about?

13) Are some of the biggest fights you have had about food?

a) Yes. You want a piece of me?
b) Sometimes
c) Never

14) So a zombie apocalypse is underway, just around the time you get a stellar pizza with ham, bacon, sausage and a gooey party of cheese delivered to you. Do you:

a) Surrender yourself to the zombies rather than leave your pizza uneaten
b) Grab a slice and run for cover
c) Leave the pizza

All done? Now check how you’ve scored:

Mostly A’s: Well done you! You are now officially my foodie soul mate! And i promise i will be right there beside you during the zombie apocalypse to share that pizza! Unless you don’t like sharing, then I’ll bring my own pizza, no judgement!

Mostly B’s: You are a WIP. There is an ardent foodie hidden in there somewhere. Let’s hit a few food joints and bring that side of you out shall we?

Mostly C’s: Ok, what in the world are you doing a frigging food quiz and reading a food blog you hater of food!? Scram!

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